Our Satin Bonnets are Back!

Protect your hair and help prevent hair loss with double sided adjustable bonnets. Our satin bonnets is restocked once a year and we are happy to announce that they are officially back in stock!

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    "I feel like it has made my hair stronger, softer and shinier. I love the way it smells that was one of the first things I noticed. Best hair growth oil out! Hands down!!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

  • Testimonials

    "I honestly started lacking on my hair growth for a while now but I started back up and I am so happy with my hair growth and your hair oil is seriously the #1 thing I need. My hair has never been this healthy and long."


  • Testimonials

    "I just wanted to drop this here!! I love your product, I defiently can see the growth within my loc, my hair is very healthy and its only been 6 months."


  • Testimonials

    "A doctor told me to accept the fact that my hair would never grow back but take a look."


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Hair Growth Products

THE OG: Areii's Hair Growth Oil

Areii's Hair Growth Oil, 2 ounce is our first product we released on our website and has always been one of our #1 sellers. The Original.

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  • Travel Size

  • All Natural

  • Easy to Apply

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Areii's Anti Itch Oil

Peppermint has never felt better. Areii's Anti Itch Oil leaves your scalp feeling refreshed, renewed and soothed. The best option for a dry-flaky scalp.

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Areii's Hair Products Apparel

Men Products

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Areii's Tea Rinse

Did someone say hair treatment?Areii's Tea Rinse is the perfect remedy for creating softer, shiner hair as we'll as hydrating the hair follicles and reducing hair shedding. This all natural herb mix has many properties to grow the hair strands and create a better length retention.

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Areii’s Satin Collection PR Box

Natural care for natural hair is best way to show her you care! Valentine’s Day is near and Areii’s Satin Collection PR Box is the best way to show her you care. When Luxury meets Hair. Our Satin Collection is the definition of luxury, quality and caring for your natural hair. Each item is the perfect accessory for having luxurious healthy hair. 

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How to use: Areii's Hair Growth Oil

Areii's Hair Products

Bringing you natural ingredients for a better hair journey!

  • All Natural

    We use 100% pure oils, butters and herbs to create our mixtures to bring you the best of the best.

  • Handmade

    Created with care and by hand. Each product has been crafted by the owner, Areion J.

  • Quality

    Each product has had extensive research, care and valued time put into each and every bottle.

  • Teamwork

    Here at Areii's Hair Products, we strive to be looked at as a team mate, a helping hand. We are here to help you along your hair journey.