Areii's Tea Rinse
Areii's Tea Rinse

Areii's Tea Rinse

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Areii's Tea Rinse is the perfect remedy for creating softer, shiner hair as we'll as hydrating the hair follicles and reducing hair shedding. This all natural herb mix has many properties to grow the hair strands and create a better length retention. Areii's Tea Rinse can be used as a leave in spray for all hair types or as a deep treatment. Each Pack comes with 5 disposable tea bags

How to use a deep treatment: Brew 1 full tea bag in 6-10 oz of water. Allow to brew for 30 minutes minimum or overnight. Apply the tea rinse to hair strands and scalp. Allow the product to sit on the hair for 30 minutes minimum and rinse out thoroughly. Best used with a shower cap or sitting under the dryer. 

How to use as a leave in spray: Brew 1 tea bag in 4-6oz of water for 30 minutes minimum or overnight. After brewing, place tea into a spray bottle and keep refrigerated. Apply as a hydrating spray, refresher, or as a liquid to dampen hair before styling. Do not keep over 1 week. Always refrigerate the tea rinse to prevent any bacteria forming. 

Ingredients: Red Dried Roses, Eucalyptus, Fenugreek, Lavender, Marshmallow Roots, Rosemary, Spearmint

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